Discover the secrets of the seabed with your friends or family

The Armour of the Gods

Immerse into the underwater world, find the lost temple and solve the millennial secret of the Greek heroes.

The Armour of the Gods

You’ll come through the terrible storms, unexplored depths, mythological monsters ...

Escape room Benidorm

Indoor Escape Room game in Benidorm

Indoor Escape Room game in Benidorm

The game starts in the middle of a terrible storm and the heroes (your team) have to find a way to control their ship. After that they will proceed with an exciting immersion to the seabed where they will have to find a very valuable artifact protected by mythological monsters and thousand year old riddles.
Will they succeed in their mission?
  • Difficulty : Upper-average
  • Language: English
  • Fear : Zero fear, does not have scary moments
  • Participants : From 2 to 6 people
  • Time : 60 minutes
  • Price : from 54 euros
  • Theme : Adventure, mystery, fantasy
  • Where : The Paradox escape room Benidorm
  • Decorations: Underwater world and Ancient Greece (among others)
Escape room with children
Although the game is for adult minds, children from 7-8 years old also enjoy it in the company of their parents. Younger children can enter, but they will need more attention from you as they do not yet have a sufficient level of patience and concentration. Number of players
The game was designed for 4-5 players and with some extra help you can enjoy it and escape as a couple. In this case, the rapport between you will be put to the test and will be the essential factor for success.   If you are an inseparable family and form a group of 6 and a few more players, then success will depend on your organization and patience. It is not a game that requires speed but the ability to understand and listen to your friends )).   If you have more questions, call us to solve them, we will be glad to help you.

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pareja y yo llevamos unas cuantas salas a nuestras espaldas, asique nos animamos a hacer ésta, aunque ponía nivel difícil! He de decir que la sala no es muy grande, pero está perfectamente ambientada, muy cuidada y, la verdad, es divertida y muy entretenida! Si la vas a jugar, veo que para 4 personas con experiencia media es genial, y para 2 si son expertas lo veo muy bien! Enhorabuena y esperamos que pronto abráis otra sala!!

Mireya Vega Avatar Mireya Vega

Completed this escape room during my holiday and it was amazing ! Played many escape rooms back in UK and this one has made it into my top list ! The decor was amazing, the puzzles were logical and fun with a very unique theme ! The host/owner is clearly passionate and tries hard to make it a memorable visit ! He was extremely accommodating towards my team : ) ! All puzzles and hints had an English translation which was very helpful, strongly recommend visiting for a unique experience in Benidorm for tourists ! Thank you again!

K Kazooie Avatar K Kazooie

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