Street escape game “The Rout of Greed”

Outdoor Street escape room Benidorm Paradox. Battle mode for large groups.

Outdoor Escape Game in the center of Benidorm

“The Route of Greed” is an outdoor game. It begins in the “Plaza Triangular” square and runs through the old town of Benidorm. You will have to go through the streets looking for the enigmas and racking your brains to reach the end before your rivals.

The main advantages:

  • There are no schedules or sessions, you can start at any moment
  • Battle mode provokes emotions during the competition between several teams
  • Up to 25 players can participate in the same game

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  • 1 team: 40 euros
  • 2 teams: 40 + 25 = 65 euros
  • 3 teams: 40 + 25×2 = 90 euros
  • 4 teams: 40 + 75 = 115 euros

More information and the complete description of the game is on this web page (opens in a new window)

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