The Game


The world of Heroes and Gods, Monsters and Mysteries

More than three thousand years ago, the Cyclopes, master craftsmen who forged the rays of Zeus, were defeated in an epic battle thanks to the powerful armor that the Gods gave to the humans. After such a bloody fight, the Armor disappeared, but we need it again, since the Cyclops have returned with such a thirst for revenge that they have decided to end humankind.

Only those, with brave heart and quick mind, will be able to find The Armour following the clues that the ancient writings say. You will sail through the terrible storms, you will dive into the depths of the ocean where you will find the lost world of monsters and Gods.

Return with the Armour of the Gods and you will be a part of the Legend.

The Armor of the Gods is an escape room game, where you will be the real actors of the enigmatic adventure that takes place in The Paradox Escape Room located in Benidorm.

The rules of the game:

  • Punctuality is essential, the game starts exactly at the reserved time.
  • It is not allowed to enter with mobile phones or cameras. We will keep them for you.
  • During the game it is NOT necessary the use of physical force, but the strength of your mind.
  • Regardless of the final result, your only obligation is to have fun.

Game info:

  • Difficulty: upper-average.
  • Participants: from 2 to 6 people

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